Audio feature extraction for JavaScript.

Getting Started

Meyda is a Javascript Library that can listen to audio and output a selection of statistics that describe it. Meyda has a variety of different applications, and environments it can be used in. Lets take a look at some.

What can you do with Meyda?

You can get audio analysis of

You can use these analyses in

What’s in these audio analyses?

Meyda can calculate a wide variety of standard audio features, including loudness, spectral characteristics like brightness (spectral centroid) and noisiness (flatness) and much more. For a full list and explanation of the audio features Meyda supports, please see our audio feature reference document.

How can you do these things with Meyda?

Please have a look through the following tutorials for the one that closest matches your needs.

Need more help?

Can’t find a tutorial that matches up with what you’re trying to do with Meyda? Not finding the documentation to be clear enough? Please open a GitHub Issue, and we’ll do our best to help.

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