Audio feature extraction for JavaScript.

Here’s a list of examples of projects that use Meyda. Would you like your Meyda project to be featured in our user showcase? Please let us know!

A real time music visualisation VJing platform for use in live-performance contexts. Great with some chiptune!

A simple program meant to correlate increases in heart rate in ASD-diagnosed children to changes in the features of ambient sounds (both sets of data prerecorded over the same period of time) with the intent of optimizing a training program helping them cope with sounds abnormally stress-inducing to them.

A computer generated melody project, optionally users can plug-in their guitar and/or MIDI key controller to dictate input harmonic. Meyda.js is being used to extract audio signal features, such as beat dynamic and music segmentation in order to help OSEM to produce high-quality music melody. It is meant to answer the question: “Given an arbitrary backing track (format: wav, mp3) can computer compose?”

Picognizer is the 100% JavaScript library for detecting synthesized sounds (e.g. sound effects of video games, replayed speech or music, and sound alerts of home appliances). You can run it on your web browser without any server-side systems.

A system that allows web users to generate their unique logos using their voices

A spectrum fft on steroids: picks up microphone from audio stream and drives the webgl effect.

The Fluid Corpus Manipulation project(FluCoMa)instigates new musical ways of exploiting ever-growing banks of sound and gestures within the digital composition process, by bringing breakthroughs of signal decomposition DSP and machine learning to the toolset of techno-fluent computer composers, creative coders and digital artists.

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