Audio feature extraction for JavaScript.

We welcome any and all contributions to Meyda, including filing issues, feature requests, pull requests, feedback, and any other comments. Please familiarise yourself with our Contributor Covenant. The core contributors are quite limited on time, so we’d really appreciate if you could stick to the following few rules:

Filing issues

Pull Requests

Conventional Commits

Using conventional commits has proven to add quite a lot of overhead for external contributors, and we’re sorry about that. The reason that we use conventional commits is so that we can automate meyda releases using semantic release, and so that it’s really clear from the git log which commits contain changes that are considered fixes, new features, or breaking changes, which is crucial to know in a semantically versioned project.

Some pitfalls some run into are documented here. And remember: the top line description of a commit message should be in all lower case.

We hope to have better PR feedback on commit messages in the future - and if possible a bot that will just lint and fix any minor errors. Follow along on this issue.

Build the project

  1. Remember to do it.
  2. npm run default
  3. This will run tests, so make sure they all pass and try and make sure any new code you’re submitting is covered properly.
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