Audio feature extraction for JavaScript.

We welcome any and all contributions to Meyda, including filing issues, feature requests, pull requests, feedback, and any other comments. Please familiarise yourself with our Contributor Covenant. The core contributors are quite limited on time, so we’d really appreciate if you could stick to the following few rules:

Filing issues

Feedback can be sent to any of the core team via however you want. Our email addresses are available in the Web Audio Conference Paper, we’re all easily accessible on Twitter. If we have enough interest, we may establish a mailing list.

Build the project

  1. Remember to do it.
  2. npm run default
  3. This will run tests, so make sure they all pass and try and make sure any new code you’re submitting is covered properly.
  4. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

As a quick aside, because of the workflow for updating code coverage building meyda will not automatically run code coverage. You can do this yourself by running npm run coverage, which will return a coverage report, but will not post the data to our monitoring service (this would require distributing the secret, which seems like a bad idea).

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